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When you have already seen all the top sites and monuments in Warszawa, another way to discover the city is just to take some long walks in the parks or visit some of the museums. If tired of walking, board on a water tram on the river, eat a fresh grilled fish or listen to music. On the river evening and nights tours it can be quite romantic - you can sit down and look in the eyes of your partner while the sun is going down in the west.

If you are longing after some more leisure hours outside the big city, there are also boats that will take you as far as to Zalew Zegrzynski.


If you just will keep in shape many of the main hotels have a gym but you can also take a jog in some of the parks in the city centre. In some of then you will sure get a feeling that you are right into the countryside with its small lakes and spreading threes.
Another more and more popular way to move around is with in-lines or roller skates. A great place for this is Pole Mokotowskie, a park very close to the city centre.


There is ca 100 km of bicycle lines in Warsaw; take a tour along the river, or out from the city – to Kampinos Primeval Forest (yes, this vast national park is to be found just in the north outskirts of the busy city). Kampinos is a home to elks, foxes, beavers and lynxes, and probably also to… one fugitive african warthog).
Another nice place to visit on bike is Powsin with its beautiful botanical garden.

Horse back-riding

Poland is known for its horses and riding tradition. In Warsaw there are several places that you can ride a horse – most of them situated on the riverside or in the Kampinos Forest.

Football (soccer)

Or why not watch the “King of Sports”, football. Warszawa has two top teams that have played in the UEFA Cup, Legia Warszawa and Polonia Warszawa. Legia Warszawa´s home arena is Stadion Wojska Polskiego and KS Polonia´s is Warszawa Stadion Polonia.

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