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As in any modern metropolis, you will find all kinds of interesting indoor and outdoor restaurants, cafés, foreign food bars, and of course a Polish speciality, the milk bars. Being a relic from the communist era, they are slowly disappearing, but you can still find one here or there, and have a good and cheap meal. The dishes here are typically Polish (and not longer mostly dairy- and vegetarian). Having a meal there is easy too: just queue up at the counter, place your order, then watch in awe as matronly ladies serve up everything from budget excellence to bowls of soup. 

Before 1989, when food shortages was common, the milk bars provided an affordable place for most people to eat. Today
Poland is of course a very different place. Shops are now packed with all kind of fresh food from all over the world. There are restaurants of every sort in Warszawa. It's possible to eat everything from sushi, Indian curry to Spanish seafood. There is food for every taste and price, enjoy your meal...

Don't forget to try the national dish of Poland - bigos. It is made of sauerkraut and fresh cabbage, onions and what kind of meat that's at hand. The "real" bigos should be cooked a couple of days, and many families still do so, as bigos is almost mandatory on Christmas and Easter table.

To learn about typical Polish food and drink, have a look at Specialties.


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