Warsaw, the Capital of Poland

On both banks of the river Vistula (Wisła) lies peacefully the capital of Poland, whose history is both fearful and glorious. Warszawa, or Warsaw in English, is the biggest city in Poland and is a modern, sparkling and enjoyable city with many historical buildings and numerous parks to stroll in. A large number of open-air restaurants make it possible to relax and enjoy the street life as well as go shopping in the many shops.

5 million tourists a year are willing to confirm this, as a lot of them walk down Marszalkowska Street, where among other buildings the famous (and by some still… hated) Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki) is located. Marszalkowska Street, this north-south thoroughfare, was laid out already in 1757, was rebuilt after the World War II, and now in the 21st century the street is lined with shops, cafés, theatres, and restaurants. This has always been and still is the commercial heart of Warszawa. The parallel street Nowy Swiat, for many the most beautiful street of the city, is a part of so called Royal Route – 11 km long way through older and elegant district, also full of cafés, boutiques, galleries and restaurants. 

Branickich Palace at Podwale Street

Since there is much to see and experience in and around the city, Warszawa.com will help you to find some of the pearls of this excellent city. The city that just likes the legend of the mythological bird Phoenix always rose from the ashes and continuing to strive on although it has been destroyed several times throughout history. Today it’s a world-class metropolis.
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