Warsaw for Children 

A visit to one of the numerous modern playgrounds, an excursion to the ZOO – to visit the Fairytales ZOO (Basniowe ZOO) - is only one of the many ways of providing fun for the young ones on a sunny day. Horseback riding, skating during the winter, swimming pools with the special sections for children, go-kart and bowling - all is there, waiting for them.

Warsaw has also several play centres for children, situated usually close to malls.

Tired (or lazy) kids can be easy satisfied with an elevator trip to the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science or a tour around the Old Town in a sight-seeing electric train.

The Orange Imax wide screen (22x18 metres) cinema in the Sadyba Best Mall is always worth a visit. Warsaw has also three puppet theatres, and in many museums - for instance in the Museum of 1944 Warsaw Uprising - there are sections adjusted especially for the young public. The new and modern Copernicus Science Centre offers interactive exhibitions for adults, adolescents and children. The multimedial Chopin Museum is also adapted for young visitors:

Looking for a children-friendly restaurant, one does not have to choose McDonald's – there many other restaurants well prepared for those demanding guests; among them San Marzano restaurants, where on Sundays a sudden visit of a clown can be expected. 


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