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Royal Castle Square

Warszawa is a modern, sparkling and cultural city. Because of its long, rich and sometimes tragic history there are many historical and interesting places to see. Many of them inhabiting quite unique museums and art galleries. Despite the fact that almost 85 percent of the city was destroyed during World War II, there are still many elderly buildings and palaces left. Several of those destroyed are reverentially rebuild or restored i.e. the Royal Castle and the Old Town.

When in Warsaw, you just have to
visit the Palace of Culture and Science if you want to watch the city from a bird’s view. This “gift” from the Russian leader Josef Stalin to the Polish people is a 230 metres high building in Soviet style. From a terrace on the 30th floor you will have a beautiful view over Warszawa.
Walking towards the former Party Headquarters buildning, which today hosts Warsaw Stock Exchange, you may wonder what a palm is doing in the middle of the intersection, and if it is a real, living tree. It is not. This is an art piece, a humorous comment on the growing city...

Old Town Market Place 
 Warsaw, De Gaulle Roundabout with The Stock Exchange   Wilanow Park

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