Lazienki Palace (Pałac Łazienkowski)

Palace on the WaterThis palace in neoclassical style, called also The Palace on Water or The Palace on Isle (Palac na Wodzie, Palac na Wyspie) is beautifully situated in the 80 hectares park - Łazienki Kr√≥lewskie.

The early, XVII-century building was reconstructed by architect Dominik Merlini and became a residence for king Stanislaus August Poniatowski.

Today, on the ground floor visitors can among other rooms see so-called "Bacchus-room", the royal baths, the ballroom, the portrait cabinet, and in the picture gallery - some works by Rubens and Rembrandt.

The nearby Theatre on Isle was designed by the architect Jan Chrystian Kamsetzer to look like a ruin of some ancient. 
Lazienki - detail    Old Orangery

Palace on Water    Theatre on Isle

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