Approx. 1289 The word Warszawa was mentioned for the first time in scripts.

Approx. 1400 A wooden fortress was build for the Dukes of Mazovia, later on it became the royal castle.

1569 King Sigismund III Vasa moved his court from Krakow to Warszawa, which made it de facto the new capital of Poland.

1655-58 Occupied and looted by Swedish troops.

1757 Ulica Marszalkowska, today’s commercial street, was laid out.

1807-15 Warsaw was a capital of the Duchy of Warszawa, established by Napoleon I.

1815 Warszawa become the centre of Polish Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy under a personal union with the Imperial Russia.

1830 Revolt against Russian Supremacy (so called November uprising).

1864 Revolt against Russian Supremacy (so called January uprising).

1866 Horse-drawn trams introduced.

1907 Electric street cars introduced.

1918-39 Poland is now a sovereign state; Warsaw cultural life blooms up, the capital develops also economically.

1939 World war II begins with the invasion of Poland, Warszawa will be free from the Nazi occupation first in January 1945.

1940 The Jewish ghetto established by the German Nazis, it will be the biggest one in Europe; until mid of 1942 ca 100 000 will die there of starvation and diseases.

1942 Mass deportation of ghettos Jews to the death camps begins.

1943, April 27days long uprising in Jewish Ghetto.

1944, August The Warszawa uprising against the German Nazi occupation forces. Approximately 16 000 solders of the clandestine army (AK) and 180 000 civilians lost their lives.

1945 End of World War II, almost 85 percent of the capital destroyed.

1945-89 Poland is a Soviet satellite state.

1971-84 The royal castle rebuilt and opened for audience.

1980 Old Town inscribed onto UNESCO s World Heritage List.

1995 The metro was opened and ready to operate.

2004 Poland becomes member of the EU.

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