Warszawa is a business and commercial hub of Poland and also a major player in Central Europe. The city has been continuously climbing up on the ranking list over the best business and investment-cities in the world. In two years (2002-2004) Warsaw climbed from 26th to first place in category for low cost of staff and best value for money of office space.

Today, when western business turned its attention on China and India, Warsaw still comes in the first 10 in many categories. Construction possibility both in the centre and in the suburbs are still good. Land for investment purpose can be purchased from private owners, institutions, the State Treasury, and town itself. In January every year each city district prepares lists of lots which will be put up to tender.

The opportunities to make business are good due also to the fact that a lot of large international companies are based in Warszawa. Among others are: General Motors, KPMG, Philip Morris, Daewoo Electronics, Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, and Westinghouse.

Business Etiquette

When establishing contact with businessmen in Poland, letters of introduction are indeed very useful. Furthermore it’s common to make decisions by a committee, so negotiations may be prolonged, and as a consequence deals must often be endorsed by all parties before confirmed.

The dress code is rather sober and conservative. It’s recommended to use a person’s title and surname when addressing, until familiarity has been established.

When exchanging business cards, it should be done when all participants are present.

Gift of flowers should always come in odd number.

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